Get on Your P’s & Q’s PR Pros!

While the modern days spell check makes misspelling words inexcusable and quite frankly, at this point, the ultimate SIN in Communications.  PR News has researched and found that throughout our imperfect human tendencies while working to make our companies superior to their competitors; “The occasional misspelling will inevitably sneak into your writing.” As they so cleverly put it, they went as far as to reach out to different Public Relations professionals via social media inquiring about the most difficult words to spell.  Here’s what they found:

  • Definitely. Not “definatly” and definitely not “definately.”
  • Necessary. Only one “c.”
  • Conscious. Not to be confused with conscience or spelled, “conscius.”
  • Accommodation. Combinations of double letters are tricky.
  • Conveniently. Vowel soup.
  • Occasion. Not “occassion.”
  • Commitment. Double letters at work again.
  • Receive. “I” before “e” except after “c.”
  • Embarrassing. Don’t get “emmbarrassed” by adding an extra “m.”
  • Tomorrow. Come on.

Adding humor toward the end, PR News provides a list from Oxford Dictionaries to assist in brushing up on spelling. Check out the full article at:


Diamond Daniels

Guru in training